Our team

Slavo Tuleya

Founder [email protected]

Adam Brocka

Managing Director [email protected]

Rado Hankovský

Business Development Manager [email protected]

Lucia Klein

Operations Manager [email protected]

Jakub Hrušovský

Service Designer [email protected]

Kristína Petrovičová

Service Designer [email protected]

Tamara Sokolová

Junior Service Designer [email protected]

Eliška Šimová

Sales Assistant [email protected]

Matej Havránek

UX/UI Designer [email protected]

Zuzana Demeterová

Service Designer [email protected]

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Do you think you fit in?

We are actively not looking for another team member, however if you are interested and you think you are a good fit for us, don't be afraid to get in touch.

Send us your CV and introduce yourself in few words. If we match, we can arrange a virtual or in person coffee with you.

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