Innovation challenges

We discover opportunities in the needs of your customers, validate new product/service ideas and search for new revenue streams yielding more happy customers.

Future - Ready

Kiuub is a team full of business designers and innovations. We managed to combine experience in building new revenue streams in both corporate and startup environments. Our clients ask us to discover new business opportunities, solve current innovation challenges and better prepare them for future.

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Opportunity identification

We represent the voice of your customer and business viability of new propositions. Fieldwork, empathy interviews, detailed analysis of trends and competition are our tools of choice.


Idea validation

Before money is spent on technical development we prefer to sell prototypes to potential customers. Data collection is key to assess what steps need to be taken to achieve business viability.


Customer attraction

Once proposition is valid, it’s time to convert potential customers to happy customers. We come up with processes, overlook development and search for partners to aid future growth.

Our satisfied clients

Let us show you how to skate to where the puck is going.

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Innovation challenges

Nothing is older than yesterday’s success, in today’s world customer habits change rapidly. Let us help you navigate these changing environments.

  • Change of customer habits
  • Upcoming Millennial and gen Y customers
  • Business model shifts
  • Digitalisation
  • Operational blindness
  • Unique value proposition search

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